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Hello, it has been a year since I launched this site for my Ambush strips. But since The Philippine Daily Inquirer allowed my new strips to be published with them, I got busy working on their dailies instead of the usual Ambush Sunday colored comics strips I did in the Manila Bulletin. Agents of Ambush features a more matured Ambush. She’s in her early 20’s this time and runs a fort and bunch of agents. If you aren’t familiar with my characters, then tune in everyday here in this site for past story arcs. The more current ones can be read here: http://entertainment.inquirer.net/tag/agents-of-ambush-comics-2 Now, since AOA is a daily strip now, I am getting help from Sam Velasco who acts as my co-writer (and occasionally helps me too with the inking). Together, we promise you we will bring you fun and adventures with our strips. IMG_4864

Ms. Velasco and Sir A, the peeps who bring you AOA everyday

Come and visit us here in this blog site and our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/agentsofambush ) and read special features and non sense stuff about the AOA universe. Be AMBUSHED guys! 🙂 DSC_0108 Don’t be confused. This is a picture of Ms. Velasco. sort off… But no, that is not her with the Kulintang. That is her hand blocking my shot! @#$#@!!!


After Zsazsa Zaturnnah, here come Ambush and MegaWoman


Villar, a cartoonist for Manila Bulletin, created the comedy-action comic strip Ambush starring Amber Gonzales, a schoolgirl by day and a secret agent by night. He was content to write and draw a Lara Croft with Filipino-sized boobs and a sense of humor for a national daily until he saw actress Heart Evangelista in a cafe.

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The article by By JERALD UY August 15, 2012

Photo by Janine Jose





(from left to right: Kim West as Grinder, Anna Aviola as Aversion, Mylson Alipit as The Mad Scientist, MC Z Palanca as Ambush, Joyce Lara as Happy Salt and Joan Manguiat as Space; taken during GTMACCON’s Pre Event at Makati, November 2013, photo by Joel Aragones)

New to the Ambush universe might think who are the girls at the background of our blog’s site. Well, they are the pretty and kick ass girls of the AMBUSH COSPLAY TEAM. All of them are based on the different characters in the Ambush universe.

The team occasionally make appearances at local Comic Conventions like GTMACCON, KOMIKON and Free Comic Book Day. Know more about them at our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ambushcosplayteam?ref=hl

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(from left to right: Anna Aviola as Aversion, Joan Manguiat as Space, Schindlex Malditinni as Ambush, Lovette Jazmin as Red/Desyre and Christine Blardony as Ambush’s alter ego Amber; taken during FCBD: Setting the Record at National Bookstore Quezon Avenue, May 2013, photo by Joel Aragones)


AMBUSH COMICS: Its universe, inspirations and Heart Evangelista


AMBUSH’s world is an alternate universe in the Philippines. Nebu or Abra is more like Quezon City and Manila. I didn’t want it to be exactly like our cities because I want to bend realities. Forexample, I want monsters and robots to be a normal thing in Ambush’s universe. Although I feature real places sometimes like Boracay and Mindoro, basing some of my personal experiences in those strips. Superheroes also are part of this world. Actually, there are times wherein existing current superheroes make cameos in our world (like Zsazsa Zaturnnah and Trese).

“I want to bend realities”

Now if you’re talking about the whole world of AMBUSH or what it is all about. AMBUSH is all about the things I love – action and science fiction. That is how stories are being played in my strips. Ambush may be fighting an ordinary villain to a big scary monster, to aliens from other planets. It also touches current issues, like giving homage to Cory Aquino or sometimes a small discussion on the war situations of Mindanao. But mostly Ambush is all about FUN! (geeky fun sometimes) I just thought that PM Junior (Pugad Baboy) is already there making political and normal life satires, Doc Carlo San Juan’s strip is about the world of medicine (and yes, of Guardian Ducks too), Manix Abrera is there making college slash teenage and “astig” stories. Me, I want to make action-science fiction-military-superhero-geek stories for a change.

Ambush was created from an idea I had during my break time at work. I was always fascinated with Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie and at the same time, I love Psylocke. The two heroes were (obviously) my inspiration on creating my comic character. But I wanted her to be very different from the two of them. Early on, the structure of the body and the face and the long hair was based on a combination of my wife and daughter. Later on, I was basing her look to an actress who my wife and I saw in the local Starbucks. She was standing in front of us (my wife and I were sitting under those umbrella tables) and she was waiting for someone. She was wearing a white blouse and knitted short skirt exposing her long, dancer-like legs. Most importantly, she had the most beautiful face.

heart and comics heart and I finally small

From that day on, I wanted her to be the actress who will play Ambush just in case it becomes a movie. Heart Evangelista is a big factor in Ambush’s looks and body structure.